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Dr. Erin McGonigle got her start in a small, rural town in Western Massachusetts. It was in her childhood there that she began her observations into the emergent quality of listening, the nature of stillness, and the joy of embodiment. Avidly curious about the world around her, her inquiries led her ever deeper into investigations into the environment of sound, our capacity for an awareness of it in the land|urban scape both around us and within ourselves. These inquiries developed into an international career in public art where her multifaceted approach to the development of social spaces led to city wide collaborations with the people who lived and shaped the sound ecology there. In her current practice, she continues to pull on the thread of community based-creative-collaborations in the belief that as communities move towards greater wholeness the lives of individuals are nurtured within it.

It was her own encounter with a debilitating bout of lyme disease, that she began to fully appreciate the subtle and profound shifts between body, mind and spirit that constitutes the true health of one's being.  To support transformation of the whole person from one state/condition to another, Erin encounters the body as a multilayered exchange happening at the source, not merely approaching the body chemically or mechanically. It is in this approach, that chiropractic is more than a "treatment" of disease and is an art, science and philosophy of cause. 

She has been a student of biodynamic craniosacral therapy since 2012 and brings her ever evolving inquiry there to her chiropractic approach. BCST is based on the remarkable insights of osteopath Dr. William Sutherland who experienced and observed how natural forces organize our form and function. It is a highly skilled, and extremely gentle way of listening and orienting to the bodies inherent health expression to bring about adjustments that occur from within the body, from the inside-out. 

Recently, Erin worked for 6 months in New Delhi, India establishing the Oneness Chiropractic Clinic, a “sewa”/ service operation run in partnership through Life West Chiropractic College and the Sant Nirankari Mission. On a daily basis, the experience showed her the profound power of the chiropractic adjustment to unleash an innate  healing capacity.

In the wider circle of her current practice, she is committed to collaborating with the local birthing community, to empower families to make informed, personal choices about pregnancy, birth and raising children. She is also trained in the Webster technique. Which is, a specific chiropractic sacral analysis with the goal to reduce the effects of pelvic subluxation and restore neuro-biomechanical function during pregnancy. 

Erin encourages practitioners in the healing arts to reach out to her so that we may broaden the circle of our collaborations and inquiries across a shared field of healing justice within the community.

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