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"...the chiropractic adjustment releases potential energy giving the body a second chance to integrate the energy and information of an original experience; thereby, providing the opportunity to grow, learn, evolve and heal."


.from the original work of

Sue Brown, developer of Biogeometric Integration

The goal of chiropractic is not to treat the diagnosis, but to assist the person in orienting and relating to the health that lies within.


That begins with the removal of interference which leads to the reorganization of the body to a new level of integration and sense of wholeness. When there is a clear channel of communication within the nervous system, our bodies freely release stress, unwind, integrate experiences, detoxify, adapt and convey our fullest expression of health.

Chiropractic is a science, philosophy and art.

Whose major premise is that all living things have an innate intelligence with the capacity to heal and evolve. This is the source of our WHOLENESS. 

Chiropractic does not fix, treat or remove symptoms to make you more whole.

Because innate is always WHOLE. And true health is more than the absence of symptoms.

Chiropractors are doctors of the nervous system. Chiropractic care maintains clarity in the nervous system.


The nervous system is dynamic and coordinates our inner world of sensation, organ function, cellular repair, etc. with the environment in which we live.  Your nervous system evolves as you do.

Aberrant neurological patterns are held within our nervous system, and are known as subluxations.


When stressors - physical, emotional, chemical, mental - exceed our capacity to respond efficiently, they interfere with the function and expression of our physiology, our organs, the structure of our muscular-skeletal system, and the perception of the world around us.

Subluxations may feel to us like an area where we feel “stuck”.


Stuck... in our physical body, our thoughts, our attitudes, our responses to the people in our lives. More often, though, subluxations do not rise to the level of conscious perception. We get used to how we feel and consider it "our normal”.

And yet, a nervous system free of interference has more coherence and vitality.

When people get adjusted they begin to feel subtle yet profound shifts in their awareness.


People show up in their lives with more ease which deepens their sense of well being.

Getting adjusted can not only clear up physical issues so you feel more ease in your body, but it will attune your mind to your unique way of being in the world.


Whatever your initial reason may be for seeking out chiropractic care, it will become a powerful means for helping you live your fullest life. 

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