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Q. Do you accept insurance?                                                   

Q. How do I know if my insurance will reimburse

me for my visit?

Q. Why are my sessions not in a room on my own?

Q. I want to get care, but I don't know how I will pay for it. What can I do?

Q. What is the idea with "box on the wall" chiropractic?

A. No. We are a cash based practice. But we can give you a receipt for care that you can submit to insurance.

A. Ask your provider if your policy covers "out of network care."

A. We offer adjusting in a group setting for a variety of reasons. Even though you may or may not know anyone in the room, people healing together is very powerful for the community we live in. Some families like to get adjusted together and this gives them a chance to do that. Group sessions are also a very affordable option for many people. 

A. One morning a month, there is a "box on the wall" to give a donation for the care that you receive. You decide on the amount that you can give at that time. 

Not long ago, it was not uncommon for chiropractors to serve entire communities. People were treated as members of a practice, not as patients. Adopting a "box on the wall" fee structure ensures that anyone who wants to receive chiropractic can choose to.

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