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For six months, 2019-2020, I worked with a team of chiropractors in opening the first “seva” chiropractic clinic in India. SEVA is Sanskrit for "selfless service". Inspired by this offering, I vowed to create a similar experience upon my return to the United States. From June on, I will be offering “Box on the Wall” chiropractic one morning a month (see online schedule for dates/hours). Box on the Wall at Stillpoint will be available to anyone who wants to receive chiropractic care regardless of finances. There is no scheduling in advance or initial consultation. Walk in's only. There will be a brief amount of paperwork to fill in before getting on the table. Payment will be donation based, no fixed price or sliding scale. Current practice members are also welcome. Please spread the word!


Seva is composed of two words, "saha" which means "with that" and "eva" which means "too". Taken as a whole, the word "seva" means "together with" and describes actions that seek collective uplifting through the understanding of the needs of others, based on a genuine desire to uplift those around you. In principle, SEVA means "service without regard for self enrichment or gain", or "selfless service". In the context of the SEVA clinic in India, chiropractic care was provided to everyone for a nominal fee. The premise of SEVA is that when one provides for someone's needs, without any expectation for reward or personal gain, it helps to develop the virtues of compassion, humility, courage and love. Selfless action demonstrates a belief in equality and the importance of all people.



"Box on the wall" chiropractic was a donation based practice model used by the early chiropractors that continues to be implemented by some chiropractors today.  The founder of chiropractic philosophy, DD Palmer, passionately believed that an adjustment was a selfless act made in the service of furthering humanity’s highest potential. For this reason, early chiropractors considered it their obligation to adjust each person that wanted to be adjusted, without cost barriers. It is in this spirit of service that chiropractors continue to travel all over the world providing free care. I’ve done several service trips to Latin & South America, India, and within CA, and seen hundreds of people in this way.




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