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$135/60 minutes 
Welcome to Stillpoint, I look forward to working with you and introducing you to the practice of tonal chiropractic. When you arrive, you'll be given initial visit paperwork which can take about 15 minutes for you to fill out. We will consider your responses to these questions together in a more detailed conversation. Following that, we will begin our first "hands on" adjusting session.
$110/40 minutes
Your child's initial visit will begin with their birth story, as well as the pregnancy & postpartum period for you and your child. We will move from this early development to the current concerns.
$55/15 minutes Belfast
$70/30 minutes Newcastle
$40/20 minutes
$110/40 minutes
A private session allows more time to deepen the field of receptivity and awareness. There may be times where a longer session will support movement or shifts through a pattern of restriction that may have been met with resistance otherwise.
$110/45 minutes
A biodynamic cranial session has been created as an individual session to receive the subtle & profound movement of the cranial field. If you think you may need this work but aren't sure, please text/email me and we can have a conversation.
please inquire
A family package has been created to hold space for families of 3 or more within the same chiropractic session so that I can work with each family member during the one forty minute time period. If you think you'd like to book a family package but have some questions, text/email me.
$75/30 minutes
Review of Care is a scheduled appointment with me to deepen your alignment with the chiropractic offering you are receiving so that you may become or continue to be empowered in the process of change that the deep benefits of true healing demands. During this session, we discuss in depth and also evaluate hands on where you are in the process of your healing, fine tune any goals you may have that have/not changed, create new ones, revisit your initial concerns for coming into Stillpoint, and consider their changes, and awareness of them in your body, mind, and life. 
What the community is saying...
"Through working at the physical level, I also experienced profound emotional, psychological and spiritual healing that has literally changed my life. The healing crisis I went through was a huge wake up call, one that Dr. Erin was able to guide me through with as much grace as possible. She is a true healer, creating a safe space to experience wholeness, integration and wellness."

9D Beaver Street Belfast     |     29 River Rd Newcastle  415.260.2426

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