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Unique to Tonal chiropractic is the chiropractor's awareness that the nervous system needs time to integrate  an adjustment. Because true health is from the inside out.

Tonal chiropractors are trained to recognize your overall resourcefulness to receive an adjustment so that we may create the appropriate sequence and timing that is right for you during each session.  

If not, a nervous system becomes overwhelmed and may exhibit defense postures in order to protect itself. Not only does this impair the healing process, it may also reinforce old patterns that limit your capacity for change.

The purpose of care is so that your nervous system may be free of interference.

Clearing old patterns that no longer serve you allows you to respond to change instead of react to it. 

During a session


You may want to change the position of your head, neck, spine, pelvis, and we encourage you to move your body according to its needs. You may experience an emotional release or notice something new.

We honor your expression and hold space for you as the experience of powerful shifts occurs.

Chiropractic is not "symptom based" care.


Although pain may be the initial reason for getting you here, it is the last thing to express itself, and, often, the last to leave.

But being "pain free" is the beginning and not the end of healing. And yet, our attachment to pain may limit our motivation for change once it is no longer there. So, when pain "goes away", how do we make the changes that need to be made?

You become more fully embodied under chiropractic care.


In the process of clearing subluxations, we no longer block out the full range of how we feel in our body. By becoming more consciously involved with our body, and its unique expression, we honor our authentic nature, no longer striving to be someone that we are not. Deep connections to who we are, are the building blocks of a full life.

Healing Model vs. Curing Model

The goal of a curing model is to bring the individual back to a so-called "normal" state of balance. Symptoms are considered the enemy which must be defeated, or a distraction which should be avoided. Sickness is often feared as it denotes the failure of the body and how it "should not" be performing.


And yet, for many of us, sickness has been one of the more transformative experiences of our lives. For better or worse. 

In a healing model, the individual welcomes the participant role of the body-mind-spirit as authentic healing co-evolves along this axis. Health is a transformation, that is not static, that is not the same for everyone, and may very truly include feelings of pain along the way. In a healing model, sickness is not a feared condition, it is a moment in time, which is long and open to possibilities.


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