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"...the chiropractic adjustment releases potential energy giving the body a second chance to integrate the energy and information of an original experience; thereby, providing the opportunity to grow, learn, evolve and heal."


from the original work of Sue Brown, developer of Biogeometric Integration


Tonal chiropractors are trained to recognize your overall resourcefulness to receive an adjustment so that we may create the appropriate sequence and timing that is right for you. 

In the process of clearing subluxations, we no longer block out the full range of how we feel in our body. 

You become more fully embodied, feeling more coherent, and a deeper sense of well being.


Because true health is more than simply the absence of symptoms.

The major premise of chiropractic is that all living things are innately evolving towards health- which is constantly changing and evolving out from and back into the unified source of our WHOLENESS. 

We are not/never incomplete.



When stressors - thoughts, chemicals, physical - exceed our capacity to respond efficiently, they interfere with the function and expression of our physiology, our organs, the structure of our muscular-skeletal system, and the perception of the world around us.

These adaptive strategies that alter our function/form are held within our nervous system, and are called by chiropractors subluxations / subluxation patterns.



Begin with detecting of physical & energetic patterns of interference. Each adjustment is tailored to the needs and tone of your body, and can vary from low force applications to deep structural ones. 

Restoring neural integrity along the cerebro-spinal axis allows our bodies to freely release stress, unwind, integrate experiences, detoxify, adapt and convey our fullest expression of health.


The goal of a curing model is to bring the individual back to a so-called "normal" state of balance because symptoms are considered the enemy which must be defeated.  Or,  just a distraction which should be ignored. Sickness is often feared as it denotes a body who is failing, or not performing "as it should". 


And yet, for many of us, sickness has been one of the more transformative experiences of our lives. For better or worse. 

In a healing model, the individual is invited into a participant-listening role for authentic healing co-evolves along their body-mind-spirit axis. Health is a non-linear transformation, that is not static, that is not the same for everyone, and may very truly include feelings of pain along the way. In a healing model, sickness is not a feared condition, it is a moment in time, which is long and open to possibilities.


"When we're subluxated, centers in the brain become limited in their ability to accurately assess and integrate incoming (sensory-afferent) information - diminishing nerve propagation as well as the free exchange of energy & information with all systems of the body."

- John Martinez, Pneuma Chiropractic

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